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Winter Hiking Trails in the USA

Boulder River Trail (Washington)

The Boulder River Trail is a relatively easy trek. The energy you save on hiking can be devoted to ogling the Boulder River Wilderness, which is nestled in a river valley. It features waterfalls, scenic overlooks, and an old railroad line. It’s all accented by fluffy white snow.

Brockway Summit (California)

North Lake Tahoe is a popular winter destination for the stellar skiing it affords. But there’s plenty more wintertime fun to be had on the area’s surrounding trails.

Esperero Trail, Santa Catalina Mountains (Arizona)

Mild winters mean this desert trail remains accessible all year round. Esperero Trail passes over diverse terrain, past jaw-dropping scenic overlooks, and alongside unique geological formations such as Cathedral Rock.

Finest Winter Hiking Trails - Canada

Tunnel Mountain

Put the Tunnel Mountain hike on the must-do list if you’re visiting Banff. Over a couple of hours, not only will you get a moderate workout but you’ll get the lay of the land from above.

Elk Island National Park

The landscape is diverse with lots of meadows, frozen lakes and mixed forests of aspen, poplar and spruce. To increase your chances of seeing moose, elk or bison, stop at the Visitor Centre (where you can rent snowshoes) for its up-to-date information on animal locations.

Spray River Trail

The Spray River Trail, located mere steps from the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, offers an easy outing on snowshoes. The forest walking is pretty alongside the turquoise-coloured waters of the Spray River. The occasional view of Mt. Rundle keeps it interesting. There is the option to continue past the bridge, for an epic hike to the Goat Creek Trailhead. But most people turn around here. While you can retrace your steps, a loopback on the other side of the Spray River is the superior choice. If you do this, keep an eye out for ice-climbers high up on frozen waterfalls.

Badlands Interpretive Trail, Drumheller

Enjoy the drama of the badlands all the way to the highway. Once there, either retrace your steps or continue for as long as you like in either direction along the scenic Red Deer River.

Winter Hiking Tips

  • Dress Like An Onion

    The Quebecois have a saying, s’habiller comme un oignon, which literally means to dress like an onion, in layers. This is especially important when hiking in colder weather, as temperatures can vary at the bottom of the trail and on the summit of the mountain.

    Start Small And Start Early

    When planning your first winter hike, be reasonable about the distance and difficulty of the trail. While it might be a cinch to do a twelve-mile loop in summertime conditions, you may run into ice or deep snow on the same trail during the winter. Also, many access roads to your favourite trailheads are closed and unplowed over the winter, which could add significant mileage to your trip.

    Check The Weather

    While this might seem like an obvious step, it’s important to get a complete picture of the conditions for your trip, not just the temperature. Look at the precipitation, wind speed, avalanche reports, and daylight hours.


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Join our amazing winter hikes, handpicked by experts. Time to lace up your boots and hit the trail..


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